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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Abolish Plastic Bag, kawan2!!

this campaign is so great.

Last Saturday i went to Cold Storage to buy some food with limited pocket money. With the help of NO PLASTIC BAG DAY on Saturdays..i manage to 'waste 20cent just for THAT plastic bag!

patut bubuh makanan kecik2 tu dlm handbag besar ku or bawak paper bag sindri. Reusable bag skang ni pun byk yg cun2. Tau x if korg beli brang kt any mall at any store..most of them will charge RM 0.20 utk satu plastik bag.mmg nampak sket tp if korg ade RM1000 je(nk tunjuk cth org kaye la) tp barang sume RM1000.40...mane nk carik duit syiling tu??rugi kn?

lagipun..klu stakat beli mentos or hand sanitizer pun nk gune beg plastik.wt a waste! more plastic at home, or worst...buang merata2??oh no no!

seperasan hamba...kempen ni utk daerah Selangor je dulu.setiap Sabtu je.mayb after this kerajaan leh wt weekend plak?yela..time org byk shopping.jd leh jimat plastik! kn?

youth society ade wt promo.nice promotions. if you guys would interested in looking for any other ways utk prevent plastic bag usage..come n view here. mayb u can find alternatives and better..pretty designs of reusable bags!

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