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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Offline Bazaar : I ♥ Bazaar

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We'll be selling offline at this bazaar @ Subang Parade!!

My mum from My Worth Buying Shoppe will also be selling her items there

Feel free and support us there! We'll be selling these lovely NEW items...

spot us at booth no. 10
to view floor plan bazaar, click here.

or here!

event details:

date: 4th and 5th Dec 2010
time: 11am till 9pm
venue: subang parade (opposite of celebrity fitness)


this is where we will be. in front of Celebrity Fitness


little cart00n said...

kakak..nk beg!beg lama da koyak! :(

aMyErInAiMiE said...

hehe..mari3!! tp susah nye elie xde fb..beg akak byk kt fb je yang~ huhu..akak bg elie special price punye~ ;)

Marya Hana . said...

moge teros success cicik..~

aMyErInAiMiE said...

tq yang~

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