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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Offline Bazaar : Felda Villa House, Keramat

We'll be selling offline at a gathering @ Keramat!!

My mum from My Worth Buying Shoppe will also be selling her items there, with me! - Closets of AmyAmy

Feel free and support us there! We'll be selling these lovely NEW items...

date: 9th Jan 2011
time: 1.30pm till 6pm
venue: Felda Villa House, Keramat, KL.


Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Malaysian Goalkeeper

our 1st standing banner ever

the bazaar is in conjunction of this gathering
refer here


Nana said...

wah bez ni
kat ngan umah je

aMyErInAiMiE said...

Ykee?? Dtgla!! ^^

s.h.i.d.a said...

anda di tagged~

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