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Monday, March 26, 2012

[Gambar] Press conference Digi Wwwow Award and activities

Date: 24 March 2012
Venue: Digi HQ
Event: Press Conference for Digi Wwwow Award 2012

one of the activities were parody making by each divided group

group 1 - MJ song

group 2 - Someone Like You

winner group with the speakers from #TwitterJaya

all the speakers of the day

Maria Elena and JSF

JSF, NisaKay, MakDara, Mia Liyana

JinnyboyTV, radio announcer and youtuber

group picture!

big thanks to Digi for inviting us to the press conference, Astro,,, AirAsiaX, Nando's, Malaysiakini, samsung, yahoo, and all the sponsors involved and for the great prizes awaiting the winners.

the Digi Wwwow Awards nomination time is now open.
visit now!

*pics credit to Nuffnang

1 comment:

♥sAzALOvEwAN♥ said...

sy xsuka maria elena.. haha

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